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A fireplace is basically a structure that contains a firepit to contain a fire for heating. There is a chimney or a flue attached to it so as to make an outlet for the waste gases to escape. Earlier, fireplaces were utilised for cooking purposes but these days they are a decorative household feature and an important aspect of interior decoration.



An electric fireplace is basically an electric heater that imitates a fireplace that burns with coal, wood or natural gas. This type of fireplace is easy to install and does not require any sort of ventilation system. It can be mounted anywhere as it is like a typical heater. You also have the option of using it like a flame as is the case in a normal fireplace.



A gas fireplace functions from a standing pilot light that is akin to stoves. Gas fireplaces have the advantage of working even without electricity. So even if there is a power failure, their functioning does not get affected. Gas fireplaces come in superior versions these days and burn to provide excellent thermal effectiveness and warmth.



A convection heater, also known as electric fire in the UK, is basically a replacement for the open fires. In an electric fire, the heating element utilises the principle of convection to heat the air surrounding it. Since hot air is less dense than cool air, it rises above to make way for more cool air to enter. This cycle continues in the appliance and the surrounding space gets heated up. Electric fires are a good option for closed spaces.



A gas heater or gas fire is basically a device that is utilised to heat the indoor as well as outdoor area. It works with the help of natural gas or propane. The gas fire that is used indoors can be two types: fluid and non-fluid. The fluid option is the best as it is quite safe. However, it needs to be installed permanently. On the other hand, non-fluid can be portable or installed at one place.



A stove is basically a heating space that is closed from all sides. The fuel burns inside it so as to provide heat to the surrounding space or to the stove itself and the items that have been placed on it. Enclosed stoves that utilise solid fuels are used for room heating purposes.



A gas boiler is a closed vessel that is utilised for the purpose of heating water or any other sort of liquid. The water or fluid that gets heated in the boiler then turns into vapour form and escapes the boiler to be utilised in different processes or heating applications.

We stock brands including Dimplex fires and Flavel fires.



Basket fires are conventionally made to be used in a Victorian fireplace. However, they can be fitted into various types and sizes. These are basically self-contained devices that can be utilised as fireplace inserts or as a single source of heat. These devices look similar to an oversized rectangular wicker basket.